Upgrading to SendWP from Ninja Mail

SendWP is a new email service for WordPress that:

  • Handles all email sent from your WordPress website
  • Works seamlessly with any WordPress plugin that sends email, including forms, ecommerce, memberships, etc.

For only $9 a month per site, you get a complete solution to all your WordPress email frustrations.

If you'd like to extend the reliability and service that Ninja Mail provides for your Ninja Forms submissions to ALL your WordPress email, follow these simple steps:

Install & Activate the SendWP plugin from the WordPress.org repo.

    1. In your dashboard visit Plugins > Add New.
    2. Search for SendWP.
    3. Install and Activate the SendWP plugin.
SendWP - 1

Click the banner that appears after activating the plugin.

SendWP - 2

Click the "Connect to SendWP" button.

SendWP - 3

Fill out the registration form.

SendWP - 4

Deactivate and delete the Ninja Mail plugin from within your WordPress dashboard.

Screenshot_2019-03-21 Plugins ‹ Ninja Forms — WordPress

Visit https://my.ninjaforms.com/ninja-mail/subscription/ and cancel your Ninja Mail subscription.

Screenshot_2019-03-21 Manage Subscription My NinjaForms com

SendWP will now send ALL of your WordPress email, including form submissions.