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Your customers depend on email every day, and SendWP wants to partner with you to make sure they can.


Sign-up and we setup your account.

Add some snippets of code to an appropriate place in your product or simply use your partner code.

Your users click the button within your product.

They complete a simple checkout process.

They are redirected any place you like within your product.

Getting started is fast and super easy!

How is it done?

  1. Sign up
  2. Paste some code
  3. Make money

Now that's what we call easy.

Plus, we've got your back. We take care of all the transactions and provide a dedicated Slack channel for easy communication.


Are email deliverability issues a substantial part of your daily support load?

These issues cost you time, money, and lower your brand reputation. The worst part is, it’s not your fault!

  • Hosts are notoriously bad at sending email
  • Transactional email services are complicated to set-up and test for most users

By implementing an easy and reliable email solution, your support team can spend more time assisting customers and improving your product, and less on email issues that you can't really fix.


Why send an email if it isn’t even making it to your recipient's mailbox?

'In 2021, 48% of email on the internet was spam - making it no surprise that email solutions and hosting companies are working hard to keep your emails in customer inboxes.

  • Since our inception, SendWP has consistently operated on a 99.75% or higher deliverability rate for our customers.
  • The higher deliverability rate of your bulk ESP (email service provider), the more likely your emails are going to reach your recipient's mailboxes

Our mission as your ESP is for your mail to be accepted by ISPs. To do that we continuously show ISPs our sending servers are trusted, reputable senders of high-quality email. As a result, the emails we send on your behalf are delivered to your recipients' mailboxes.


What could be even better than lowering support costs while at the same time protecting your brand reputation?

SendWP wants to be your partner. Together, we believe that we can fix the email issues that plague most WordPress websites.

By partnering with SendWP, you can earn $1 a month for every user you register through your product or service. As your offering grows so does your MRR with SendWP. You advertise SendWP in your product, and we do the rest.

Lower costs while increasing revenue and focusing more on the work that directly impacts your customers. Plus, you're partnered with a team that specializes in addressing any email issues that arise. It's like having your own email support staff that pays you!


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