SendWP and LifterLMS for Outstanding Course Communication

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As an educator, you have a demanding profession, and the workload is amplified if you are an independent course creator. Besides creating original content and engaging with students, you must build a website, market your services, manage sales, and more.

Building your e-learning platform from scratch is a significant undertaking that requires complex technical skills. There’s a better way: LMS plugins for WordPress. These plugins offer an out-of-the-box solution for online course creators and are relatively easy to implement. Plus, most LMS tools integrate with other WordPress plugins to accomplish your goals, from SEO to eCommerce.

LifterLMS and SendWP are two great examples. Used together, these plugins provide online educators like you with the tools to maintain a high-quality e-learning platform with seamless student communication.

What’s an LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) is a comprehensive digital software that facilitates e-learning, acting as a centralized hub for teachers and students. With an LMS, you can create and publish online educational and training programs. Content can include live or recorded lessons, quizzes, assignments, interactive games, and more. Students can access the lessons, track their progress, and collaborate with other students, while educators can manage content, payments, student activity, and more.

WordPress offers many LMS plugins, but LifterLMS is among the best.

LifterLMS: Your all-in-one e-learning plugin

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With LifterLMS, it’s never been easier to implement, manage, and scale your e-learning business. The platform packs all the tools you’ll need to share your knowledge with students — and earn a living along the way. LifterLMS is also an excellent solution for membership sites.

Create online courses and memberships

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This plugin makes offering online courses, coaching programs, or private membership communities fast and straightforward. LifterLMS’ drag-and-drop course builder allows you to add audio and video lessons, dynamic quizzes, games, discussion boards, and more — no coding skills needed.

Your students can access personalized dashboards for clarity, and multimedia integration means they’ll stay engaged with your content.

Make your lessons as simple or complex as you’d like by implementing prerequisites, drip content, achievement badges, and certifications. You can also offer different membership levels with course protections.

LifterLMS has many helpful features, allowing you to fully customize the e-learning experience. Achieve any goal with LifterLMS — it even features built-in marketing tools like email and CRM integrations.

Earn money

Your passion is to educate students, but you also need to get paid. LifterLMS supports income generation by accepting one-time payments, recurring subscriptions, and payment plans. Pricing models are fully customizable and entirely within your control. Allow students to pay via credit card, debit card, or PayPal — via any currency!

LifterLMS features a streamlined e-commerce dashboard for simplified payment management, including analytics, reports, and order tracking.

If you’d rather offer free courses and earn money through affiliate marketing, LifterLMS supports this too.

LifterLMS pricing

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Freemium alert! The core LifterLMS plugin is absolutely free, including unlimited courses, memberships, and students, plus a healthy suite of features to get started. As your brand grows, you can upgrade to one of LifterLMS’ premium plans, starting at $199/year. These plans include additional features and support. Check out their comparison page to make the best decision for your e-learning business.

Better communication with transactional email

Once your LMS is up and running, don’t forget another critical element to successful e-learning: email communication. LifterLMS’ premium plans include email marketing add-ons like MailChimp and ConvertKit. These services are a great way to keep your students updated on current and upcoming courses — and encourage them to enroll.

But you’ll also want a transactional email service. Transactional emails include course or membership registration confirmations, password change verifications, billing receipts, and more — in short, they’re essential for clarity and building trust. But those emails must have reliable deliverability to add value.

Imagine that one of your students wants to log in to their course dashboard but has forgotten their password. They click “Forgot Password” and wait for a reset email — but it never arrives. Situations like this are frustrating for users and reflect poorly on your brand. They also add more work to your plate, as the student must reach out for personalized support.

Reliable transactional email with SendWP

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WordPress’ native transactional email capabilities aren’t known for reliability — and they can be challenging to configure. When your emails don’t arrive, you may not even realize it until a student reaches out. That’s why many WordPress users use a third-party service like SendWP.

SendWP is known for excellent deliverability and is user-friendly, and we’re specifically engineered to work with WordPress. Unlike other email delivery systems, SendWP is easy to install with just a few clicks. We’re also an official partner of LifterLMS! This means integrating the two WordPress plugins is fast and easy.

How to connect SendWP and LifterLMS

Are you ready to enhance student engagement and communication on LifterLMS by using SendWP for your transactional emails? Then let’s get started!

Step 1: Install and activate LifterLMS

LifterLMS plugin in WordPress

Begin by installing and activating LifterLMS in WordPress. On your WordPress dashboard, select “Plugins” from the left-side menu. At the top of the Plugins page, click “Add New.”

This brings you to the WordPress plugin repository, which has a search bar on the top-right. Search for “LifterLMS,” then click “Install Now.”

Once the LifterLMS installation is complete, click “Activate.”

The LifterLMS Quick Setup Wizard automatically opens to walk you through the steps for setting up your pages and payment options. The Setup Wizard also includes sample courses, including the “LifterLMS Quickstart Course” — a helpful starting point for new educators.

Step 2: Enable SendWP through LifterLMS

Return to your WordPress dashboard and locate “LifterLMS” from the left-side menu. Next, choose the “Engagement” tab.

Click the blue “Connect SendWP” button to download and install SendWP. You’ll be redirected to either login or register with SendWP.

LifterLMS Engagement tab

If you don’t have an existing SendWP account, complete the registration process and enter your payment details. SendWP is an affordable email service: $9/month ($1 for your first month) or $99/year ($91 for your first year).

After registering, authorize the connection between SendWP and LifterLMS by clicking “Connect Site.”

That’s it! SendWP will now automatically send your LifterLMS transactional emails.

Enhance course management with LifterLMS and SendWP

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Being an online educator has two major challenges: establishing and overseeing your e-learning platform and maintaining effective communication with your students. LifterLMS and SendWP solve both.

Through LifterLMS, creating courses and membership sites is fun and easy. This WordPress plugin empowers you to build engaging, interactive lessons and implement features like discussion boards, quizzes, certificates, student dashboards, and more. You can charge per course or use a monthly subscription model. LifterLMS is highly comprehensive, yet user-friendly.

When students enroll in a course, make a new purchase, or reset their passwords, SendWP boosts clarity and trust through reliable transactional email. We help ensure a 99.5% deliverability rate — so you can feel confident that vital emails will successfully reach your students’ inboxes.

Follow the steps we’ve explored in this article to connect SendWP and LifterLMS in your WordPress dashboard. Then, you can focus on what you do best — creating incredible e-learning content for your students.

Let SendWP Handle Your Emails!

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